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Our Methodology

Emerging Defense is a boutique penetration testing firm that provides cyber security testing to leading companies across insurance, retail, healthcare, and financial services industries. We empower our customers with robust cyber security vulnerability data pertaining to security posture and susceptibility to data breach. Whether you’re a small or large business, we bring extensive experience and professionalism to every penetration test and deliver unique testing results through a proprietary testing methodology.

Our People

Emerging Defense is a consortium of highly-skilled and multi-disciplinary individuals. All members of our team held positions in major cyber security firms and Fortune 500 companies across insurance, retail, healthcare, and financial services. Fewer than 5% of candidates pass our rigorous screening standards for technical and industry skill-sets.

Our team members have been practicing for decades and started during the .com internet boom of the late 90s. We’re on the pulse of modern cyber security threats, and continuously monitor the evolution to inform our own testing approaches—all to give you exceptional results that will last for years to come.


Network & Application

The targets may change, but we’ve done this for decades.


Network penetration testing

One of the greatest insights a cybersecurity program has is knowing how an attacker breaches their defenses. Don’t sit around and wait for an actual incident. Emerging Defense’s penetration testing team consists of experienced white-hat hackers that simulate the same attacks being used by malicious attackers to rapidly identify organizational weakness. By knowing the quickest, most effective means of compromising your network organizations can make targeted investment with greater value per dollar spent. Penetration testing quickly identifies the maturity level of organization without performing a comprehensive vulnerability or application assessment.

Mobile Application & BYOD Testing

The proliferation of mobile applications and BYOD programs pushes enterprise data to mobile endpoints controlled by customers and employees. How do you ensure your data and reputation when it extends beyond what you own, manage and can secure? Emerging Defense recognized the increased risk moving to mobile created, and developed extensive expertise in assessment of individual mobile applications and entire Mobile Device Management (MDM/EMM) solutions.  Our practitioners consistently demonstrated vulnerabilities and improper configurations in the mobile ecosystems of organizations that thought they were secure. These could have resulted in data breach and compromise of additional systems.

Web Application Security Testing

Your applications may be serving more than just your customers and employees. It’s common for organizations to deploy applications both internally and externally that contain software vulnerabilities, providing attackers an avenue to compromise the application data or underlying systems. Emerging Defense’s application security testing examines an application by exploring possible attacks by unauthenticated users and authenticated users alike. Our practitioners can also review source code to assist in the comprehensive eradication of vulnerabilities. Emerging Defense practitioners provide a security perspective, enabling you to prevent exposure at the source.


Embedded Device

Embedded devices from networked appliances to life saving medical devices have been neglected for far too long. Emerging Defense assists device manufacturers and customers to ensure their devices perform as expected with adequate security. Our practitioners reverse engineer these devices with an attacker mindset and identify vulnerabilities that can result in devastating data or life threatening consequences to users.

My message for companies that think they haven’t been attacked: You’re not looking hard enough.
— Jason Sinchak, CTO

Advanced Threat Simulation

Have you been phished? This service emulates real-world scenarios for measuring an organization’s effectiveness at detecting and responding to actual Tactics, Techniques and Procedures (TTP) used by advanced threat actors. We employ methodologies that accurately simulate a complete advanced threat lifecycle observed by targeted attacks against high profile organizations across the world. Emerging Defense will execute simulations against a target organization using zero prior knowledge, attempt to gain a foothold on the organization, and pivot through the internal network to simulate the devastating consequences advanced threats pose to highly regulated industries and organizations with mass amounts of sensitive data.


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